Just like Jeff Foxworthy helped us better understand Rednecks, this post will help you to better understand the Millennials. Developing into adults in a technologically advanced world has molded a lot of America’s young people into a new kind of young professional and consumer. Remember, Millennials are the 80 million large generation that was born between 1980-1999. Their age range is 12-32 years old.

You might be a Millennial if...

  1. You only know George Foreman as a grill salesman.
  2. You don't own shoe shine because to work you wear flip-flops or Toms.
  3. You've only seen commercials in fast forward mode.
  4. You've never spelled out an entire word in a text.
  5. you dont punctuate or capitalize…ever
  6. Your office is the local coffee shop.
  7. You refuse to eat at restaurants without free wifi.
  8. You get dropped off at work everyday by your mom.
  9. You consider swinging a Wii controller as exercise.
  10. You flee from social networks that are saturated with older generations.
  11. Your best friends are your parents.
  12. The iPhone 4S makes you nostalgic.
  13. You let your voice be heard on Tumblr.
  14. You'd rather be texting in 100% of work meetings.
  15. You learned to ride a bike from YouTube.
  16. Your favorite pastime is multitasking.
  17. The top of your food pyramid is energy drinks.
  18. You never turn off or airplane mode your phone on a flight.
  19. Your favorite Instagram follows are not people but brands.
  20. You don't wear a watch.
  21. You're inspired every hour of the day by Pinterest.
  22. The term "lifetime employment" is as foreign to you as a fax machine.
  23. You've never asked for directions or been lost longer than 3 minutes.
  24. You call mom and dad's basement…home.
  25. You'd rather talk to Siri than anyone else on the phone.
  26. A tie and suit or professional dress seems as archaic as answering machines.
  27. You can learn anything since there is "an app for that".
  28. You get confused when people mention a "new book smell".
  29. "Hanging out" happens over a webcam on Google.
  30. You long to change the world.
The better you understand the shifting social, work and consumer trends the better you can market to, sell to and lead the next generation.

 Which statements would you add to this list?


Ryan Jenkins



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