Do you ever feel like you can't keep up with technology these days?
Well, you're not alone. In fact, AT&T shows that 14 year olds are even struggling to keep up...

Too funny, right?

So funny it hurts….literally. It's painful to keep up with today's technology trends. Staying up-to-date on the generational trends, technology, devices or the latest applications takes the same focus as a full-time-job. (Hang with me and I’ll keep doing my best to alleviate some of this pain for you.)

The video above is proof of how fast technology is evolving. Just as technology is rapidly evolving so are the emerging generations.  

Generations are defined by the shared exposure to life-shaping events during the moldable younger years of a particular group. Thus, as the internet becomes available globally 24/7 from the palm of our hands, the emerging generations are being exposed to much, much more life-shaping content! 

Similarly stated, globalization is shortening the typical generational time-spanEach emerging generation is becoming more and more diverse and segmented. This explains the rise of the customization era that we are living through today. Brands are offering full customization of their products to cater to individuals instead of large generational demographics.

If the behaviors of Millennials have you scratching your head, prepare yourself for a full fledge mind blow as the next generations behind them bring even more diversity and change.

Much like how you adapt to new technology to ensure your business or brand moves forward, you need to adapt your corporate culture, recruiting, target market or brand positioning to ensure you net the next generation of talent and consumers.

If 14 year olds can’t even keep up and are referring back to “in my day” technology, how do you anticipate to stay relevant and adapt to the next generation?

Adapt and thrive or be left behind.

What ideas do you have for staying nimble in your thinking, leadership style, or corporate culture to ensure you stay relevant?


Ryan Jenkins



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