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But before the content can be real rich, life altering and/or perspective shifting, I need to give you some context. Having context (aka background) allows for more meaningful content. Therefore I need to communicate the who, what and why. You have my commitment to be as real and transparent as possible on this blog.  After all, it's my generation, the Millennials, that can sniff a phony through a laptop screen, blind-folded in a trunk, half-way around the world at 3am EST. 
I landed a sales gig with a Fortune 100 company out of college and (like most Millennials) was amped up and eager to get to work. Once in the trenches of the new role, buyers remorse for my life sunk in...hard!  I felt sold on a position and organization that did not match up to what was proposed during my recruitment.  As I progressed to different parts of the business, the story was the same and I began to notice the younger employees becoming very restless, frustrated and unmotivated.  I began digging in to uncover the source of the strife and quickly discovered the expectations of each generation caused massive mis-communication and the strengths of each generation (specifically the Millennials) were not being leveraged.  Many of my peers came in energetic, hungry to work and have an impact but it was squandered under the thumb of stale leadership and organizational culture.  
The Next Generation Catalyst blog is all about exploring the next generation of tools, trends and tactics that will allow folks to thrive in tomorrow's multi-generation marketplace rather than experience the buyers remorse I experienced. With the surge of 80 million Millennials into the workplace (trend) it will forever change how we work, sell and lead the next generations. Social Media (tool) is the X-factor that has caused a lot of the strife and deep divide between the generations. Social Media and the Internet has elevated our exposure from daily news show or paper to 24/7 global content consumption. That increased exposure changes everything when it comes to generational personalities. A next generation seller, marketer and leader will need to rise (tactic) to unlock the new economy.
The greatest resouce on planet Earth is...people. YOU! The dude or dudette reading this right now. Understanding the uniqueness of each generation and all of its relevant tools is a way of investing into the greatest resource we have. To me, that's worth the time, energy and mastery. For the first time in history there are 4 generations in the workplace which has caused countless communication and leadership miscues.  I teach how best to leverage the world’s largest generation, the Millennials.  I equip leaders and organizations with the relevant tools, trends and tactics to thrive in tomorrow’s multiGen marketplace.  Learning and leveraging these catalysts leads to increase innovation, collaboration and retention. And maybe, just will allow you to be a better parent, friend, coach, mentor or leader.
Will you be a next generation catalyst, someone who sparks change.
Change is inevitable but the development of the next generations must be intentional.
Let's be the needed catalysts of the next generation!
Question: What comes to mind when you hear next generation catalyst?


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