Why Rookies Outperform Veterans in the Modern Workplace

When is not knowing more valuable than knowing? When does  experience become a deterrent? What value does experience hold in a culture of perpetual beta? Is stubborn experience the enemy of  ...
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5 Tips for Selling to the Millennial Car Buyer

Even with the rise of ride-hailing and ride-sharing services, Millennials are still interested in buying cars. Here are five tips for selling cars (or anything else) to Millennials.

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1 Useful Way to Instill a Strong Work Ethic in Millennials

Here are a few practical actions and one really useful way that managers can strengthen the work ethic of their Millennial employees.

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How to Attract Millennial Talent in 2 Simple Steps

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Deliver This 1 Thing to Better Engage Millennials

Thirty-two percent of Millennials are planning to leave their jobs within six months, and it may be due to a lack of feedback.

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How to Attract Millennials With the Right Company Perks

Nap pods, free lunch, and unlimited vacation aren't enough to capture the attention and loyalty of Millennials. Transform your company perks and attract Millennials with these six tips.

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How Millennials Can Improve their Communication Skills

For many Millennials, offline (especially face-to-face communication) seems archaic and outdated since mass communication via a text or tweet can happen in a few thumb flicks. However, effective...

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How to Bridge the Communication Gap Across Generations

Workplace communications today are a tangled web of varying preferences. Some call, some email, and others text while sitting right next to you.

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Unify Generations by Understanding These Work Trends

Influential events, innovations, and technology during the moldable years of people’s lives is what defines a generation. What we experienced during those moldable years shaped our view of the...

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How to Deliver Training For Millennials Just Got Easy

Over the years speaking to thousands of people who manage Millennials, I learned first hand what skills managers wish their Millennials had. As those insights became more and more glaring and...

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