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Internationally recognized speaker and trainer who helps organizations better lead, engage, and market to Millennials and Generation Z. He also shares his top-ranked generational and future of work insights as an Inc.com columnist.
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How to Attract Millennials with the Right Company Perks (Part 1)

In this video you’ll learn – 2 of 6 Tips for Using Company Perks to Attract (and Keep) Millennials.

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This is How Generation Z Will Communicate at Work

How will the generation who grew up with Twitter, texting, and Twitch.tv want to communicate at work? The answer will surprise you.

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The Global Impact of Millennials and Generation Z Inside the Workplace

The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #063.

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How SAP Masterfully Uses Glassdoor to Attract Generation Z

Here is why and how companies need to be using Glassdoor to recruit and retain Millennials and Generation Z.

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How Multitasking is Thwarting Your Productivity

In this video you will learn how multitasking hinders productivity and what to do about it.

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How to Avoid Hiring Poor Millennial Talent

Hire better Millennial talent by asking these interview questions that are directly related to Millennials' top shortcomings.

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How Leaders Can Unlock the True Potential of Millennials

The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #062.

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7 Ways for Millennials to Work Effectively Across Generations

Create more innovation and greater generational cohesion across teams by leveraging these strategies.

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How to Use Reverse Mentoring to Retain and Engage Millennials (Part 1)

Learn what is reverse mentoring and how companies are benefiting from reverse mentoring.

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4 Interview Tips to Secure Better Millennial Talent

Secure better Millennial talent by using these tips next time you interview a potential candidate.

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